Survey Says Developers More Interested In iOS Enterprise Development Than Android

Posted Jul 24, 2012

Even though Google Android has a larger market-share in the mobile space than Apple iOS, Apple retains larger opportunities in the enterprise space according to a survey conducted by Appcelerator and IDC.

?The big news is that Apple?s iOS took a dramatic lead over Google?s Android in the enterprise app space,? stated IDC VP of Mobile and Connected Consumer Platforms Scott Ellison. ?For developers, Android appears to be evolving more towards a consumer play, which in turn provides a key competitive opening for Microsoft in the enterprise mobile app space.?

The survey was taken from 3,600 developers and was released this morning.  iOS is seen with a 15% advantage over Android.  In Q3 of last year, Android and iOS were tied at 44% each.  This quarter, Apple iOS is at 53% and Android is at 38%.

IDC and Appcelerator believes that the popularity of the iPad and the frequent reports of Android malware is one of the biggest reasons why Apple is taking the lead this quarter.  Another major enterprise challenge is Android fragmentation.  However the same report says that many developers are “very interested” in Windows 8 tablets.

?Developers are cautiously optimistic about Windows 8 tablets, and find Microsoft?s Metro UI especially compelling. Therefore a key dynamic to watch going forward will be Microsoft?s opportunity to eclipse Android as the Number Two OS priority for mobile enterprise app developers, especially given Microsoft?s strengths in the enterprise market through Office and Windows,? says the report.