Susan Bennett Is The Voice Of Siri

Posted Oct 4, 2013

Have you ever wondered who the voice behind Siri was?  Now we know that it is voice actress Susan Bennett.  Bennett is a voice actor that lives in suburban Atlanta.  CNN worked with audio forensics experts to confirm that Bennett is the voice actress.

In 2005, Bennett was asked to recite words and phrases at her home studio.  Her voice was recorded for four hours each day for a month.  In 2011, she found out that Siri was her voice.

Apple has not yet confirmed whether Bennett is the voice.  Bennett’s voice was also recorded for voiceovers used by Delta Airlines, GPS devices, and ATMs.

“I began my career as a machine many years ago,” stated Bennett in an interview with CNN. “I’m sure that you hear my voice at some point every day.” In the U.K., the voice of Siri is Jon Briggs.

[Image Credit: Technorati]