Susan Wojcicki to become the head of YouTube

Posted Feb 5, 2014

Susan Wojcicki, the SVP of advertising at Google, will now become the head of YouTube. Wojcicki was the 16th employee hired at Google and she owned the house that Google operated out of during the early days of the company.

Google put their ninth employee Salar Kamangar as the head of YouTube after co-founder Chad Hurley left in 2010. Kamangar will work at a different position in Google going forward.

Wojcicki saw her duties split with Sridhar Ramaswamy recently and she was rumored to be wanting run her own department for a while. Wojcicki was also targeted for a venture capital position.

The last time that Larry Page rearranged Google’s management was last spring when Sundar Pichai was placed as the head of Google Android, which was led by Andy Rubin.

YouTube generates billions of dollars in revenues for Google. It is believed that the video website generated $5.6 billion in ad revenues last year, according to eMarketer. YouTube receives over one billion visitors per month and 40% of them come from mobile devices.

[Source: Re/Code]
[Image Credit: Google+]