Susanna Maiolo Had Psychiatric Problems When Jumping After Pope [VIDEO]

Posted Dec 26, 2009

About a day ago, Susanna Maiolo grabbed Pope Benedict XVI at a Christmas Eve Mass, causing him to fall over. She attempted to reach the Pope last year at a Midnight Mass too. Susanna Maiolo supposedly had psychiatric problems according to Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi. The Vatican admitted that it is impossible to fully protect the Pope in such circumstances. French cardinal Roger Etchegaray injured his hip because of the incident.

“It seems that they intervened at the earliest possible moment in a situation in which zero risk cannot be achieved,” said Father Lombardi in an interview with the Associated Press. “People want to see him up close and he’s pleased to see them closely too. A zero risk doesn’t seem realistic in a situation in which there’s a direct rapport with the people.”

Maiolo said that she did not want to hurt the Pope. She supposedly wanted to greet him. Below is a video of the incident: