SVTC Technologies Receives $34 Million In Funding

Posted May 14, 2009

SVTC Technologies is a San Jose, California based chip design company.  SVTC designs chips that are implemented into analog components and micro-machine devices.  SVTC spun out of Cypress Semiconductor.

Investors in SVTC include Tallwood Venture Capital and Oak Hill Capital.  Tallwood and Oakhill bought SVTC two years ago for $53 million.  SVTC then bought SEMATECH and merged the companies into SEMATECH’s Advanced Technology Development Facility (ATDF).  This gave SVTC the ability to double capacity.

SVTC plans to take on bigger chip companies that use a lot of capital to conduct fabrication processes.  SVTC’s factories have the ability to handle a variety of chip materials and designs.  About 300 people work for SVTC

[via VentureBeat]