SWAT Team Takes Down Man Who Built A Gun Out Of LEGO

Posted Dec 7, 2009

There was a working man in Toronto that really enjoyed playing with LEGOs. Except that hobby ended up causing him to be accosted by the Toronto SWAT team. The man supposedly ordered a replica of a gun made out of LEGO from BrickGun.com. He shut the door to his office and assembled the LEGO gun in his office and someone happened to catch it. Thinking the LEGO gun was a real gun, someone called the police.

The LEGO gun owner ended up getting handcuffed against a wall and about 6 officers along with the SWAT team secured the LEGO gun from him. No one was hurt and no one is getting charged. Even though the whole incident ended up being a dud for the SWAT team, I think that it was good for them to take precaution.