SwiftKey 4 For Android Has A Swipe-To-Type Flow Feature

Posted Feb 20, 2013

SwiftKey 4 is an Android keyboard that has a new “Flow” swipe-to-type feature.  SwiftKey 4 has better word prediction that learns from your day-to-day usage.  SwiftKey 4 also has tons of themes, better word correction, and over 60 languages.

Flow lets you draw your words without lifting your finger off of the keyboard to type them.  The “Flow Through Space” feature lets you type entire sentences without lifting your finger once.  SwiftKey has improvements in error correction and word prediction.  You can connect SwiftKey to your Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail accounts.

SwiftKey 4 can adjust to your typing style.  For example, if you prefer to use your thumbs on either side of the keypad or use one finger to press individual letters.  The new version of SwiftKey has support for 60 languages.  You can download SwiftKey 4 for phones and tablets at $2.

[Source: Lifehacker]