SwiftKey Android keyboard is now free

Posted Jun 11, 2014

SwiftKey is a popular predictive keyboard app for Android. The app is now for free… permanently. SwiftKey updated the app to include a new in-app SwiftKey Store where users can buy themes to customize keyboards with different colors.

The new themes are the most requested features by its users. The store is launching with 48 themes in total and 33 are completely new (15 of them will be free). The other themes will range at between $1 to $4.99 for the Premier Pack, which includes 10 themes.

Users that already paid for the app will get the Premier Pack for free. SwiftKey is also integrating over 800 emojis into the keyboard and it has emoji predictions. There is now a dedicated number key row, accurate flow gestures, smarter auto capitalization and support for more languages.

In the past, SwiftKey offered a free one-month trial of its keyboard app, but users would have to upgrade to $3.99 to keep using the app. SwiftKey saw around a 20% conversion from the free version to the paid version. SwiftKey is currently used on over 200 million devices worldwide. It competes against apps like Swype, which has been deployed on a billion devices across the world.

[Source: Re/Code]