Swifto Raises $2.5 Million

Posted Apr 28, 2013

Swifto is a startup that has been compared to Uber, but for dog walking services.  Swifto has raised $2.5 million from Benchmark Capital.  This round of funding happened a while back, but Swifto did not want to announce the news to the public due to fear of competition and duplicators.

Swifto can connect dog owners with safe dog walkers.  The service also allows customers to see walkers’ routes.  The Swifto tracking app can send a customer a text at the beginning of a walk and the end of a walk along with a photo.  A walker’s progress can be tracked on a live map of Manhattan through a mobile app as the walker goes through the route.

The cost of the service is $20 for a 30-minute walk.  Dog walkers can use the Swifto app to track responsibilities and to schedule walks.  Each walker goes through a background check, three interviews, and a training session.

After the walker passes as a fit, they can commence their services on Swifto.  Payment happens automatically through Stripe.  Swifto can also cover insurance to cover walkers in case of an accident.

Swifto is currently cash-flow positive with a 20% month-to-month growth rate in revenue.  Sales are going to hit roughly $1 million this year.  The company plans to expand to Boston by the end of 2013.  They will also hit Chicago and San Francisco in 2014.