Swiss Police Finds Marijuana Field Using Google Earth

Posted Jan 29, 2009

Police in Switzerland have found a marijuana plantation using Google Earth.  Police stated that this discovery was part of a much bigger investigation.  This led to the arrest of about 16 suspects and a 1.2 tons of marijuana, cash, and $780,000 worth of Swiss francs were confiscated.  The Swiss police officers found the marijuana field in the state of Thurgau last year when investigating the drug ring.

The two acre plantation was hidden in a field of corn.  Officers also used Google Earth to locate the address of the two farmers involved in the drug operation.  The 16 suspects charged with managing the marijuana plantation has sold about 7.7 U.S. tons of marijuana between 2004 and 2008.  The turnover of these drugs brought in about 3-10 million francs per year.

Google Earth is rumored to be launching an ocean service later this week.

[via Wired]