Symbian Finished 2011 Stronger Than It Started This Past Year

Posted Dec 30, 2011

Symbian, the mobile operating system that is currently maintained by Accenture, had actually finished 2011 stronger than it started in the past year. Symbian is still the number one mobile operating system, which is ahead of Android, iOS, BlackBerry, etc. Below is a chart that tracks the figures of the mobile operating system market share put together by Pingdom.

Symbian had started and finished 2011 as the top mobile operating system. They went from 30.25% in January to 33.59% in December. Even though Apple is making the most profits in the mobile industry, but iOS’ market share has been pretty flat in 2011. Google’s market share jumped from 14.61% to 22.56% in December. BlackBerry OS tanked as it went from 15.03% to 7.86%