SynapDx Raises $15.4 Million, Led By Google Ventures

Posted Jul 23, 2013

is a medical technology company that has raised $15.4 million in funding led by Google Ventures.  Foundation Medical Partners put money into SynapDx as a new investor.  Existing investor North Bridge Venture Partners and General Catalyst Partners also joined this round.  Google Ventures has several doctors on their team to assess health care investment opportunities.

SynapDx is developing a blood test that is aimed at testing children for various autism disorders at a much younger age before symptoms are exhibited, according to VentureBeat.  Currently the average age for exhibiting symptoms is around 4.5 years whereas SynapDx’s tests can be used on children as young as 19 months.

Stan Lapidus, the CEO of SynapDx, said that the funding will go towards research and identifying the genetic mutations that causes autism.  The funding will be used to commercialize the scientific research and made available to the public.  SynapDx’s data analysts are currently studying the molecular blueprint of children that have been diagnosed with autism.

?The best diagnostic tests of our era will be developed at the nexus of advanced genomics and cutting edge informatics,? stated Google Ventures partner Alex Conrad.  Conrad will be joining SynapDx’s board of directors.  Conrad used to the a chief scientist at lab screening company Labcorp and was a board member at the Autism Speaks organization.