Syncing Google Calendar With Microsoft Outlook

Posted Mar 6, 2008

Shirin Oskooi, Product Manager of Google Calendar announced that there is now a way to sync Google Calendar into Microsoft Outlook seamlessly.  Oskooi used Microsoft Outlook at home, but stored events on Google Calendar so that events can be accessed anywhere.  When travelling, Oskooi attempted to sync events from Google Calendar to her laptop’s Microsoft Outlook calendar it can be accessed offline.  There were errors that occured while doing this.

But now Google Calendar has created a software called Google Calendar Sync which allows Google Calendar to send events to Microsoft Outlook and vice-versa.  This way calendar events on both Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar can be up-to-date.  The software can send events one-way or both ways and can sync at a recurring pace based on the time set by the user.  Below is a screen shot:

[Information Source: Official Google Blog]