Systemax’s Has Similar Deals As Comp USA and TigerDirect

Posted May 30, 2009

Over Memorial Day weekend, Systemax revived the Circuit City brand name and website by buying the rights for $14 million.  Since then the Circuit City website has seen a fair number of deals and products reappear.

Systemax bought out the CompUSA brand and website for a discounted price when that retail store went under too.  Systemax is the same company behind  The problem with the website is that the deals are very similar to what is available on the TigerDirect and CompUSA websites.

Many of the products on the CircuitCity website are selling for lower prices than the Best Buy website and is comparable to NewEgg or according to CNET.  But when it comes down to it, the new CircuitCity is a TigerDirect and CompUSA’s triplet.  Save your time and look at one of the three websites when shopping online.