T-Mobile Announces A 200MB Data and A Tethering Plan

Posted Nov 1, 2010

T-Mobile has officially announced a new tethering plan and a 200MB data plan option.

The 200MB data plan option will cost smartphone users $15 per month and does not require a contract extension. If you already are a T-Mobile customer and you want to save $60 per year, you can sign a 2 year agreement and it will bring the cost down to $10 per month. The unlimited data plan will continue the $30 per month cost.

The Tethering and Wi-Fi Sharing plan will cost $15 per month and it will allow “select smartphones” to “function as wireless modems for connecting devices, such as laptops, tablets, and notebooks to the Internet through the T-Mobile network.” The tethering plan can only be added to the unlimited data-plan that is $30 per month.