T-Mobile Begins Selling Sidekicks Again

Posted Nov 18, 2009

This past October many Sidekick users lost their data temporarily. This include contacts, pictures, downloads, etc. This led to several people suing Danger Inc., T-Mobile, and Microsoft Corporation (the owner of Danger). Since the time of that incident, Sidekicks were pulled from the shelves and were no longer being sold. This week Danger, T-Mobile, and Microsoft have started selling the Sidekick phones once again.

For those who were not able to access their data, T-Mobile offered them $100 gift cards. Sidekicks were slightly cheaper when they started selling again this week. The high-end LX model of the Sidekick was priced at $175, now it is priced at $175.

When a Sidekick’s battery dies, all personal data could be lost which is uncommon from many other phones. But Microsoft servers are able to restore that data. After the servers went down in October, any Sidekicks that had a dead battery had a higher chance of losing data.