Deutsche Telekom In Talks To Merge T-Mobile With MetroPCS

Posted Oct 2, 2012

Deutsche Telekom (DT) is currently in talks to merge with MetroPCS.  DT is the parent company of T-Mobile and they plan to merge that subsidiary with MetroPCS.  Both DT and MetroPCS has confirmed that the two companies are in talks in a statement today.  MetroPCS said that a deal may not happen at all.

T-Mobile USA is the fourth largest U.S. based mobile operator company.  They are behind their rivals due to a lack of the iPhone and a next-generation LTE network.  You may remember how AT&T almost bought out T-Mobile entirely, but regulators put a stop to it.

As part of a break-up fee, AT&T gave T-Mobile $3 billion in cash and spectrum licenses in 128 markets.  T-Mobile will be implementing their first LTE market next year.  T-Mobile reported a decline of 205,000 subscribers to 33.1 million.  MetroPCS has prepaid monthly plans and has 9.3 million subscribers including 700,000 customers on their LTE network.  MetroPCS uses CDMA technology and T-Mobile uses GSM.