T-Mobile Says iPhone Network Compatibility Coming This Year

Posted May 8, 2012

T-Mobile’s network will be compatible with the iPhone later this year even if they are not selling the device. T-Mobile is working with Ericsson and Nokia-Siemens for their $4 billion 4G LTE deployment. This addresses T-Mobile’s lack of the iPhone and a more advanced 4G LTE network. Ericsson and Nokia have experience building 4G LTE when they worked with Verizon Wireless and other telecom companies. T-Mobile also said today that they have secured spectrum from AT&T last week as part of the merger breakup fee.

Between the spectrum from AT&T and their own spectrum, T-Mobile said that they hope to cover 75% of its top 25 markets with LTE. However T-Mobile said that they lack sufficient spectrum for a broader deployment of LTE. On top of LTE, T-Mobile is focusing on HSPA+ technology, which they argue is fast enough to be called 4G. T-Mobile plans to use 1900-megahertz spectrum for their upgraded HSPA+ network and plans to have several of their markets covered by the end of the year.