T-Mobile: Uncarrier 3.0 Strategy To Be Unveiled On October 9th

Posted Oct 5, 2013

T-Mobile is launching a new Uncarrier strategy on October 9th.  The event will be taking place at a special media event at the New York Bryant Park on that day.  T-Mobile is having pop star Shakira to perform at the event and that event is ticketed.  We have no idea what T-Mobile will announce at the event.

In the first Uncarrier event, T-Mobile announced that they were getting rid of long-term contracts and phone subsidies, which was announced in March.  In July, T-Mobile announced T-Mobile Jump.

T-Mobile Jump lets customers trade in their holder handsets for new ones up to twice per year.  Stay tuned to Pulse 2.0 to learn more about what T-Mobile announces on that day.

Update: T-Mobile’s PR team reached out to us to inform us that it is ticketed.  The changes have been reflected in this article

[Source: TechSpot]