T-Mobile US Inc (TMUS) announces Test Drive, unlimited music streaming

Posted Jun 19, 2014

T-Mobile has announced the latest plans for its Uncarrier strategy, which is a series of announcements that are wild and different from other wireless carriers. The strategy was spearheaded by T-Mobile’s eccentric CEO John Legere. Today T-Mobile launched a service called Test Drive, which is a service where users can get an iPhone 5S for seven days to try out T-Mobile’s “data strong” network for a test drive. There is no down-payment or charge required. You simply get the device, try out the network, and return it when you are done.

T-Mobile is promoting this service with the hashtag #7NightStand. T-Mobile will may reward “cheaters” for sharing what they are experiencing with T-Mobile during the 7-day test. T-Mobile believes that users will be tempted to “cheat on their carrier” and break away from them entirely. This service will be launching on Monday June 23rd and will be limited to one test-drive per year per household per credit card.

T-Mobile also announced that it will allow free music streaming that will not count toward a user’s data allotment from select services. This means that users that are over their data allotment can still stream from a list of common music streaming services. The list includes Pandora, Spotify, iTunes Radio, Slacker, Beatport, iHeartRadio, Milk Music, and Rhapsody. T-Mobile pointed out that the services listed are not paying T-Mobile for priority. There is no commercial relationship between these music companies and T-Mobile.

Rhapsody and T-Mobile do have a separate partnership though. The two companies are planning to launch Rhapsody UnRadio, which gives users an ad-free experience with unlimited skips and no ads. This service will launch on June 22nd for $4 per month for customers on non-unlimited plans and is free for unlimited customers.

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