Takes Is An App That Lets You Quickly Create Photo And Video Montages

Posted Jun 27, 2013

The Takes app debuted at this past SXSW conference.  The Takes iPhone camera app lets you take photos just like you normally would, but there’s a twist.  Takes will take these photos and turn them into shareable video clips with music.  Amit Man, founder of Takes, came up with the idea when he was watching Harry Potter.  The photos in newspapers in Harry Potter come alive too.

Every time you take a photo using Takes, it will also record a short video clip associated with that photo.  The length of that clip is based on the importance of that photo.  Takes uses the sensor on the iPhone to determine if the picture is important.  If you take a quick shot, a short clip will be generated.  The photos are tagged when they were taken and is placed in a Camera Roll folder.  You can use the music from the app’s library for the final cut video.  You can share that video on Facebook or Twitter from there.

Takes has recently updated their iPhone app.  The new version of the app ensures higher quality of social video.  You can also use one click to edit, add filters, add music, and share the videos.

Below is one of my most favorite videos from Takes: