Taliban Clerical Error Reveals E-Mail List (Should’ve BCC’d)

Posted Nov 17, 2012

A Taliban spokesperson recently sent out an e-mail and publicly CC’d the names of everyone on the mailing list.  D’oh!  Qari Yousuf Ahmedi must be face-palming himself like Spock in Star Trek.  The e-mail that Ahmedi sent out was a press released from the account of Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid.

Ahmedi forward Mujahid’s e-mail to the full Taliban mailing list instead of using the blind carbon copy (BCC) function to keep e-mail addresses private.

“Taliban have included all 4 of my email addresses on the leaked distribution list,” tweeted, Mustafa Kazemi, a Kabul, Afghanistan based journalist.  “Quite reassuring to my safety.”

The list has over 400 recipients, mostly consisting of journalists.  Other recipients on the list include a provincial governor, an Afghan legislator, academics, activists, and an Afghan warlord.

The Taliban often sends out press releases to their mailing list.  They also usually claim for attacks against Afghan and coalition targets.  They also exaggerate their casualty figures.

The Taliban have increased the number of emails they send out and the e-mail numbers are growing every week to several per day.  Most of the e-mails are being sent out from Ahmedi’s account.

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