Tamagotchi Returns Due To iPhone And Android App Popularity

Posted Nov 28, 2013

Bandai is preparing bring back the Tamagotchi electronic toys to the market again in the form of Tamagotchi Friends.  It has been 17 years since Tamagotchi went mainstream.

Tamagotchi Friends looks about the same as the original toys.  You will have to hatch a Tamagotchi character on the egg-like electronic device.  From there, you have to care and nurture the virtual pet. Each of the Tamagotchi pets can interact with one another.

When bumping the Tamagotchi with a friend’s phone running Tamagotchi Friends, the virtual pets can play games together and go on “play dates.”  As you bump with more devices, you will earn points and rewards. The points can be used to buy in-game meals, jewelry, and snacks.  These items can be shared with friends as well.  There are five mini games in one device.  Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. is available on various app stores.