Target Is Price-Matching and Other Retailers All Year Long

Posted Jan 8, 2013

Target Corporation announced today that they are going to price-match retailers like, Walmart, Best Buy, and Toys R Us.  This will surely drive more customers into their store.  Just like Best Buy, Target has been dealing with “showrooming.”  This means that potential customers come into their stores, check their smartphones for a better price online, and then orders the product from the Internet when they get home.

You might expect that attempting to keep parity with Amazon’s basement pricing would wreak havoc on Target’s financials, but the company says that relatively few customers take advantage of the policy to begin with. Rather, it’s a move intended to bolster the company’s sagging retail performance.

Target’s price-matching is year-round extension from the holiday season and there is no guarantee that Target will offer price-matching in 2014.  If a customer buys a qualifying product at Target and finds an identical item for less in the following week, then Target will match the price.