Taser Launches Headcam For Cops

Posted Mar 10, 2009

There have been many incidents where civilians and police officers have been hurt, but nobody knew whose fault it was.  It usually ends up being the police officer’s word vs. the civilian’s word.  But now Taser has launched a headcam product for Axon that allows police officers what happens in the streets.

“Our Axon and Evidence.com technology will be a lifeline to protect truth,” stated Steve Tuttle, VP of communications at Taser.  According to a report on the Denver Post, about 90% of those who were tased by police claimed that they were unarmed.

The Axon camera mounts on the head of police officers and records what happens.  Each headset plugs into a computer powered by Linux that looks like a PSP.  The camera has a pretty big LCD screen so that police officers can watch the replays.  The device has a One Touch Privacy Mode that suspends recording temporarily if anything appears to be too graphic.

[via Wired]