Techmeme Firehose: All Related Discussion On Main Headlines Now Available in Separate RSS Feed

Posted Feb 14, 2008

Techmeme is the most on target site for finding the best aggregated technology news.  Techmeme finds a new stories that becomes instantly popular and attaches related links to that story.  However, when subscribing to Techmeme’s RSS feed, the related links become excluded and only the main headlines make it.  That is up until Techmeme introduced Firehose. 

Firehose accounts for related discussion stories to the main headlines.  This is beneficial for the publishers that get in late, but can be overwhelming for the reader.

Techmeme introduced this feature for all their sites: Techmeme, WeSmirch (celebrity), ballbug (baseball–How about that Roger Clemens?), and memeorandum (political). 

Techmeme also created a Twitter account where top headlines will be added.  The Techmeme Firehose RSS feed is available at:

[Information Source: Somewhat Frank]