Technorati Infrastructure Getting A Fresh Start

Posted Feb 7, 2009

Technorati, the blog search and advertising network, is taking their search engine and giving it a fresh restart.  Technorati has been rewiring their infrastructure over the last six months.  The old crawler will be retired.  While most of the blogs have been migrated already, there are still a few left to index.

“We’ve been moving large portions of blogs during the past two weeks and still have a lot to go. The large scale shift has put some strain on our crawl queues and data management systems during this wave of updates,” stated Dorion Carroll, VP of Engineering at Technorati.  “The big push has resulted in slower times to index than usual. We’re working hard to keep the new posts coming in and expect the majority of the backlog to be sorted out during this next week. We appreciate your patience. I think you’ll like the results when everything is converted.”

Technorati uses tags that are linked to blog posts.  Technorati claims that they index about 27.7 million blogs.  ReadWriteWeb points out that Technorati has been receiving some attention for their inability to crawl and index blogs efficiently.  ReadWriteWeb also pointed out that their blog had not been indexed in 23 hours even though they published 10 posts.

No other information has been posted about what features the new Technorati search engine will have.  When the new Technorati is released, check back here.