Technorati shut down its ranking system at the end of May

Posted Jun 23, 2014

This past May, Technorati quietly shut down its ranking system. Technorati used to have a ranking system that ranked the influence of websites based on its subject content based on incoming and outgoing links.

“You won?t find our blog claim process or authority index on this new website, as that technology is being redesigned and optimized to help publishers get discovered by advertisers and earn more for their highly-valued content,” said Technorati in a blog post. Technorati is going to focus on developing its website ad network going forward. Technorati currently has thousands of partners with a network that hits over 100 million unique U.S. users per month.

Technorati’s blog index was very large and hosting that data must have been expensive to maintain. Other ranking systems that exist today include Alexa and Quantcast.

[Source: TNW]