Technorati Replacing CEO Richard Jalichandra with Former SVP Shani Higgins

Posted May 12, 2011

Blog search engine and ad network company Technorati has appointed Shani Higgins as the new CEO. Shani Higgins will be moving up from an SVP and general manager role up to CEO. Shani is replacing Richard Jalichandra, who is now becoming executive chairman.

Abderrezak Kamel will be moved into the chief technology officer role at Technorati. Technorati is ranked as the 14th largest media company in the U.S. Higgins joined Technorati in October 2007 and headed up lead strategy and advertising sales. Technorati’s Media advertising network is now on 3,000 websites and reaches around 183 million people. Technorati had doubled revenue in the last year and hit profitability in 2010.