Telecommunications Companies Creating Centralized Database For Tracking Stolen Mobile Phones

Posted Apr 10, 2012

The four major U.S. wireless carriers have made an agreement to work with the FCC for creating a central database to track and disable stolen mobile devices. The database will be designed for tracking phones that are reported as stolen and deny them the ability to access voice and data services.

Verizon and Sprint currently block phones that are reported as stolen and from being reactivated. AT&T and T-Mobile do not have this service available on-hand right now. All four companies have agreed to be a part of the new database. Electronics are now the most common stolen type of property with mobile phones accounting for over 80% of this kind of theft.

Each of the major carriers will build individual databases within the next 6 months and integrate them over the following 12 months. The smaller carriers will also join the database at that point.