Telstra CEO Solomon Trujillo Stepping Down June 30

Posted Feb 26, 2009

Solomon Trujillo, CEO of Telstra will be stepping down on June 30.  Telstra is a telecommunications company based in Australia.  His salary with the telecommunications company is about $11 million plus bonuses.  Trujillo put Telstra in an awkward position because he initiated confrontation with the Australian government regarding regulation against the telecommunications company.

“The whole world is turning against the sort of attitude that Trujillo put on display,” stated Paul Budde, head of BuddeComm.

Trujillo was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming and received his Bachelors and MBA from the University there.  Trujillo joined Telstra around the middle of 2005 and was previously CEO of US West, Graviton, and Orange.  In December, Telstra was ejected from the National Broadband Network after submitting an incomplete bid.

Telstra’s Next G wireless broadband will be boosted to 21Mbps and they are consolidating to an all-IP core according to CNET.   The new CEO will oversee the transition to this new network.  The infrastructure must prove to be relevant and profitable.  Telstra also will need to quickly offer new applications and services that utilizes the new network.

Budde believes that the new CEO will not be within the company.  The new leader “will have to be a far more diplomatic, more charismatic person who is willing to sit down with the government–and not the level of arrogance that Trujillo has displayed.”