Temple of VTEC Leaks Honda CR-Z Hybrid Car Specs [Screenshots]

Posted Dec 11, 2009

The brochure of the Honda CR-Z hybrid car has been leaked on Honda fan website Temple of VTEC. The specs were written in Japanese and Temple of VTEC found a translator to report what the new car has in store. The CR-Z is the only hybrid car available that has a six-speed manual option.

The car has 1.5 liters of VTEC which gives it 113 horsepower and 107 lbs. of torque. The car also has Honda’s IMA hybrid system and does 62MPH in about 9.7 seconds. Below are the specs of the car as reported by Temple of VTEC:

From what we can see, here are some of the specs:
Length: 4080 mm (160.6 in.)
Width: 1740 mm (68.5 in.)
Height: 1395 mm (54.9 in.)
Wheelbase: 2435 mm (95.9 in.)

Engine: 1.5L i-VTEC + IMA
Transmission: 6MT or CVT
Power (ICE): 114ps@6000RPM
Torque (ICE): 145 NM (107 lb-ft)@4800RPM
Power (IMA): 14ps@1500RPM
Torque (IMA): 78 NM (57 lb-ft)@1000RPM
0-100km/hr (0-62mph): 9.7 sec

The car was supposed to be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show next month. After the jump are some large images of the leaked brochure: