Terry Moran Twitters His Experience From Air Force One

Posted Feb 12, 2009

Terry Moran, co-anchor of Nightline on ABC interviewed President Obama earlier this week in Ft. Myers, FL.  Moran’s reported on Twitter about the music, the breakfast menu, and everyone that was on board.

The breakfast menu included pancakes, bacon, and eggs.  The music on the plane included Jason Mraz, Goldfrapp, John Legend, Rihanna, and Jeremy Pelt.  About 9 members of Congress were on the plane with him, all being Democrats.

Below are the tweets he sent out:

– Air Force One landing. Obama visited press cabin, taking congresspeople on tour, joking, relaxed. 4 minutes ago from mobile web
– Air Force one, taking off. 9 members of Congress aboard, all Democrats. about 2 hours ago from mobile web
– Obama working the rope line, high-fiving little kids, thanking the troops. about 2 hours ago from mobile web
– Music on AF1 includes: Jason Mraz, Goldfrapp, lots of J Legend, Rihanna, + Jeremy Pelt! about 2 hours ago from mobile web
– On board Air Force One. Pancakes, bacon and eggs on the menu. Twix and snickers for snacks. about 3 hours ago from mobile web
– Arrived at Andrews. Security smooth and courteous. Wondering if $1.5 trillion is enough to save the banks. about 4 hours ago from mobile web
– I’m en route to Andrews AFB to ride AF1 to FL. Got a question for Obama? about 5 hours ago from mobile web