Tesla Model S vehicle in Toronto garage catches on fire

Posted Feb 14, 2014

A Tesla Model S electric vehicle that was in a garage in Toronto caught on fire. The Model S vehicle was around four months old and was not plugged into an electric socket. In the last year, three Model S vehicles caught on fire in the course of six weeks.

The fire took place after the owner came home from a drive and left the car parked in the garage. The Model S owner’s fire detector went off and the fire department was called. The firemen put the fire out in the Model S pretty quickly and they removed the other car that was in the garage.

Here is a statement that Tesla sent to BusinessInsider:

?Dealing with occasional fires is something that every car company has to do, as no vehicle is completely fireproof under all circumstances. What matters is the number of such incidents per car, and it is worth noting that gasoline car companies experience an average of five to ten times more fires per car than Tesla. Also extremely important is the fact that there has never been a serious injury or death in a Model S as a result of a fire or any other cause. The Model S continues to have the best safety track record of any vehicle in the world. In this particular case, we don?t yet know the precise cause, but have definitively determined that it did not originate in the battery, the charging system, the adapter or the electrical receptacle, as these components were untouched by the fire.?

Seven Tesla employees visited the owner of the vehicle after the fire took place. They offered to take care of the damages and inconveniences that were caused by the fire, but the owner turned it down.

[Source: BusinessInsider.com]