Tesla Now Producing 400 Model S Vehicles Per Week

Posted Jan 28, 2013

Tesla Motors is now hitting around 400 Model S vehicles per week after doubling their output to meet demand.  This is around 20,000 vehicles per year.  Tesla has also been able to create product updates faster than they have been doing in the past.  There are three specific updates that Tesla improved upon.

The software updates enhances the way that the car drives without customers having to visit a service location.  The update is downloaded through the Internet.  The updates are added after drivers lift the foot of the brake after fully stopping.  The software updates also improve voice commands.

?We download the update, and you get a notice on the car?s touch screen,? stated Tesla VP of sales and ownership experience George Blankenship.  “It tells you that you have an update, and that you can install it now or at 2 a.m. It has the ?release notes? of what is included in the download. When you come out the next morning, your car is different.?

[Source: AutomotiveDiscovery]