Elon Musk Is Going To Demonstrate Tesla Motors Battery Swapping Technology On Thursday

Posted Jun 18, 2013

Tesla Motors is going to give a demo of their battery swap technology during an event at the design studio on Thursday June 20th.  Tesla Motors chief executive officer and founder Elon Musk went on Twitter (screenshot below) to announce the event.

According to GigaOM, this confirms reports that Tesla Motors will soon make it possible for Tesla S owners to drive a longer distance without having to wait for the battery to charge at a Supercharger station.

It is rumored that Tesla will unveil a redesigned chassis that offers easier access to a removable battery.  As the battery loses it’s charge, it can be swapped with a fully charged battery in a few minutes.  These rumors are fueled by a filing with the SEC that took place in May.

The filing states that Tesla Motors is planning to introduce a way to rapidly switch Model S battery packs and the company is planning to develop “specialized public facilities” to perform swaps.  Tesla may install battery swap stations around their Supercharger locations also.