Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) buys more land in California

Posted May 27, 2014

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has recently started to renovate a 431,000 square foot facility that used to be utilized by Daimler-Chrysler as a distribution center in Lathrop, California. Tesla was given a permit by the city for “manufacturing modifications” on the facility.

The facility, located at 18260 Harlan Road, is listed at 431,000 square feet, but it can support an expansion of 125,000 square feet. This means that it would bring the total size to 556,000 square feet. This is well below the 10 million square feet needed for Tesla’s Gigafactory so this means that this facility will most likely not be part of that plan.

?Daimler Chrysler?s Mopar distribution facility ? which sent Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram and at that time Mercedes Benz components to warehouses, parts distributors and auto dealerships around the West Coast ? was one of the anchor components of the Crossroads Commerce Center. The building has sat vacant since 2009 when Chrysler combined its small parts distribution in Los Angeles and Portland,? stated the Manteca Bulletin. ?Chrysler?s Mopar parts division originally planned on 225 people for the Lathrop facility when it opened in 2001. That?s because the plan at the time was to merge Chrysler with Mercedes Benz. But when that union went south, the distribution center that is large enough to accommodate nine football fields became surplus capacity. Chrysler never utilized more than 50 percent of the space. There were 45 employees at Lathrop when the distribution center closed in 2009.?

Here are some of the job listings posted for Lathrop: