Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk Talks About Hyperloop At Business Insider IGNITION Conference

Posted Nov 13, 2013

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk announced an idea for transportation system known as the Hyperloop a few months ago.  The Hyperloop is supposed to be faster and cheaper than a speed train.  Musk said that the Hyperloop would be able to travel at a distance of around 900 miles at a time.  Building the Hyperloop is no easy task and Musk has very little time between running Tesla Motors and SpaceX already.  Musk was hoping that someone else could drive the execution of the Hyperloop idea.  However, he will build a Hyperloop prototype if no one else does.

Musk spoke at Business Insider’s IGNITION conference yesterday about the Hyperloop.  “If no one else builds the prototype, I probably will,” stated Musk. “Maybe in a few years if there isn’t one, I’d build it. I think it’d be a super fun ride. It’d be like Space Mountain but when you get out you’re somewhere else.”

Some people have criticized the Hyperloop as being a “terrifying barf ride” as quoted by Business Insider founder Henry Blodget. Blodget then went out to ask Musk if the Hyperloop is actually possible.

“I think anyone who is like a hardcore engineer would look at it and perhaps say that it’s of course possible and people have.  And people have.  There’s people who have re-done calculations, that have done simulations, and ‘oh it does work.’  But I actually think the technical stuff is maybe the easiest part of it.  Then there’s the economic and political — political is probably the hardest of the three.  But from the technical standpoint — are there ways to make it better?  For sure.  That’s why we call it the alpha version.  You’d want to refine it, improve the details, and I think it could be better than what I initially proposed.  I just sort of suggested some ideas like this is how I would start out essentially and I could only have the bandwidth to do it, but hopefully someone else does and it would be really cool and it would be a really fun ride.  I don’t think people would get sick on it or anything.  Downward would always feel down kind of like banking in an airplane.  I mean I guess people do get sick in an airplane, but this would be like an airplane without turbulence,” said Musk.

Blodget said that leading up to the Hyperloop announcement, Musk pointed out that he was busy.  But then on the conference call, Blodget said that Musk pointed out that he may build out a sub-scale prototype.  Musk said that “if no one else does, then I probably will.”  Musk joked that it would be like “Space Mountain, but when you get out you are somewhere else.”

Below is the video of Musk talking to Blodget:

[Source: BusinessInsider]