Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) lists the starting price of the Model S at $74,650 in Hong Kong

Posted Feb 12, 2014

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has announced the pricing of the Model S in Hong Kong. Consumers in Hong Kong will pay as low as $74,650 to get a 60 kWh Model S there. This is quite a difference from the starting price of $121,000 for the Model S in China. Here is how the pricing is set in Hong Kong:

– 60 kWh Tesla Model S: HK $579,000 or ($74,650 USD)

– 85 kWh Tesla Model S: HK $657,000 ($84,706 USD)

– P85 Tesla Model S: HK $761,800 ($ 98,218 USD)

The fully loaded P85 Tesla Model S will cost HK $1,038,300 ($133,866 USD)

Why is it much cheaper in Hong Kong? In China, there are higher shipping costs, high duties, and high taxes. This is not as large in Hong Kong.

?To treat our customers in Hong Kong as fairly as possible, we are offering the Model S at the same retail price that customers in the US pay, adding only unavoidable transportation costs, and applying the current market exchange rate,? stated Tesla VP of sales and service Jerome Guillen. Tesla is seeing hundreds of pre-orders for the Model S in Hong Kong and deliveries are expected to start before the end of 2014.