Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA): Model S gains range after heavy use and daily range charge

Posted Jun 24, 2014

In the video, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S owner showed his rated range on a 100% charge after 31,000 miles on his 60 kWh model. Kman, the video uploader, said that his Model S is usually 100% charged on a daily basis and that he puts it to heavy use.

Kman said that after a recent firmware update, he lost a few miles off of his 100% rated range. However, he says that the miles display would stay the same after a few minutes and 1-3 miles of driving.

We are guessing that he still hasĀ 207-208 miles of range on a single 100% charge, which is down slightly from its original 209 mile rated range. Above is a video explaining how he takes care of the battery pack.

?Tesla Model S 60kW battery pack at 31,000 miles. Gaining range back after heavy vehicle use and Range Charge Every day last week.?

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