Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model S named ‘Most Loved Car’ in the U.S.

Posted Feb 24, 2014

The Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S vehicle was named the “Most Loved Car” in the U.S. by Strategic Vision.

?Strategic Vision is pleased to release the most powerful and natural concept in understanding human decisions?The title ?Most Loved Vehicles in America? reflects how hard people can fall in Love with what they drive?.The ?Most Loved Vehicle in America? is the Tesla Model S,?said Strategic Vision in a statement.

Here are how the score is determined:

Each point is measured on The Edwards Commitment Scale, ranges from 1=Hate it, 2=a Failure, 3=Unsatisfactory, 4=Satisfactory, 5=Excellent, 6=Delightful and 7=Love it. Each point discriminates the quality and depth of the emotional response from the next. Many vehicles can be Excellent, fewer Delightful, with the best-of-the-best creating Love.

?The report of Most Loved Vehicles in America captures a vehicle?s total emotional response from buyer-drivers. The industry is mature enough to actually accept ?True Love? as a core comprehensive, interactive and discriminating emotional response,? stated Dr. Darrel Edwards, Ph.D.

There were three plug-in vehicles made the list of the high-ranking in the love score category:

– Tesla Model S: Love score 852 (best in the entire automotive industry)

– Chevy Volt: Love score 601 (tops in mid-size alternative powertrain category)

– Nissan LEAF: Love score 541 (tops in small alternative powertrain category)

[Source: Strategic Vision/InsideEVs]