Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) partners with Uber in Shanghai

Posted Jun 13, 2014

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has partnered with Uber in China. As part of the “Experience Telsa” campaign taking place on Wednesday, June 18, in Shanghai, Uber users will be able to ride in a Tesla Model S vehicle.

Users that manage to book a Tesla will get to ride for free. If you have a valid driving license, you will be allowed to test drive the Model S. However, Uber is asking customers to limit trips to around 15 minutes so that other people will get a chance to drive around in a Tesla.

“The Uber collaboration is only a pilot test at the moment,” stated a Tesla spokesperson. “We are providing test drive experience to potential customers in Shanghai through Uber. The test driveĀ carsĀ are provided by Tesla.”

It is unknown how many Tesla vehicles will be available at the event. According to sources with CNET, the promotion is a precursor to Uber adding a fleet of Teslas in other cities in China, starting with Beijing.