Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Patents Dual Hinged Vertical Doors For The Model X

Posted Sep 3, 2013

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has received a patent for a dual hinged vehicle door.  This door is expected to be used in the Model X crossover vehicle.  The set of rear doors are expected to open vertically, which will allow access to the vehicle’s interior.  The patent was filed as #8,511,738.  Below is the abstract of the patent:

“A dual hinged door assembly for a vehicle is provided, the assembly including an upper door portion and a lower door portion. The upper door portion, which may include a window, pivots about a primary axis formed by its juncture with a structural member in the roof. The lower door portion, which may include a window, pivots about a secondary axis formed by its juncture with the upper door portion. Primary and secondary drive systems may be used to provide independent powered motion of the upper and lower door portions. Each drive system may include a powered strut, e.g., a hydraulic strut, and a non-powered strut, e.g., a gas strut.”

The names on the patent include Matthew Brown, Franz von Holzhausen, Peter Rawlinson, Nicholas Sampson, Michael Eckert, David Lemire, and Axel Vollmer.  The patent was filed on September 14, 2012.

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has been having a solid year ever since the Model S received top star ratings by the NHTSA and they received the best car by Consumer Reports.  The company also repaid their government loans early on.

The Model X is expected to arrive in 2014, possibly 2015.

Below are some of the drawings from the patent:

[Source: SlashGear]