Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) reportedly having trouble in Arizona state Senate

Posted Apr 20, 2014

There is a bill that would have allowed Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) sell cars at its factory-owned showrooms in Arizona that is “dead” in the state Senate, according to Automotive News.


Tesla Motors vowed to continue “re-engaging the Legislature next year” though. The pro-Tesla bill did not make it to the floor for voting, but the auto giant plans to continue pursuing this issue next year when the Senate is back in session. Tesla Motors accuses the dealers association of resorting to ?aggressive and draconian tactics.?

?Eventually, as a result of the dealer led attacks, the bill ran out of time in a legislative session that was dominated by budget wrangling and subsequently cut short.  Tesla is grateful for the organic support we encountered within the Arizona legislature and the broad outpouring of support we received from the citizens of Arizona. We look forward to re-engaging next year,? said Tesla Motors in a statement to Auto News.