Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) reports Model X is due early in 2015

Posted Jun 16, 2014

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) will that the deliveries of the Model X will start early next year. Tesla Motors sent out e-mails to customers today saying that it expects prototypes of the Model X to be built by the end of the year with deliveries starting early in 2015.

In the most recent statements on timing of the Model X, Tesla called for deliveries in spring of 2015. The e-mail said that the falcon-wing doors and all-wheel drive will be standard. A third row of seats will be “optional.” 

The third row of seats as an option was slightly controversial. A potential buyer of the Model X wrote on the Tesla forums “is just another way of increasing the price.”

Tesla Motors unveiled the design of the Model X over two years ago and it hit around $40 million in orders. Tesla has been taking reservations and deposits from customers wanting the Model X, but did not disclose how many reservations it received.

Tesla’s total customer deposits for the Model X and current Model S sedan hit around $198 million by the end of March, which is up 21% from the end of last year.

The pricing of the Model X is not yet known.