Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA): West Coast Supercharger Corridor Opens Up

Posted Oct 30, 2013

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has announced the opening of the West Coast Supercharger Corridor today.  This energizes a network of stations that enables Model S owners to travel free between San Diego, California and Vancouver, British Columbia.  Tesla Motors now has stations along U.S. Highway 101 and Interstate 5, which are the key routes on the West Coast’s cities and destinations connected by Tesla Superchargers.

Tesla Model S customers can drive between San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver for free with minimal stops.  Over 99% of Californians and 87% of Oregon and Washington owners are now within 200 miles of a Supercharger.

The Tesla Superchargers are more powerful than any other charging technology in the world, which is capable of charging Model S vehicles twenty times faster than most public charging stations.  Tesla Superchargers deliver up to 120kW DC (Direct Current) power directly to the Model S battery.  This provides half a charge in as little as 20 minutes.

The Superchargers are placed strategically along major highways that connects city centers.  Stations are placed in areas where customers want to stop like diners, cafes, and shopping centers.

To celebrate the West Coast Supercharger Corridor opening, Tesla sent two Model S vehicles on a 1,750 mile road trip to Vancouver powered only by Tesla Superchargers.  The drivers tweeted with the hashtag #DriveFree throughout the trip.  The journey takes the drivers through Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Sacramento, Mt. Shasta, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver.  They are stopping at destinations like the Santa Monica pier, Monterey Bay, and the Pike Place Fish Market.

Earlier today we reported that Tesla Motors and Panasonic Corporation expanded their deal for battery cell supplies.

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