Tether Announces A $30 Per Year Web-Based Tethering Service For iPhone

Posted Mar 10, 2012

Back in November, Tether was accidentally accepted into the App Store, which allowed anyone to pay $14.99 for tethering through their iPhone. The app was quickly removed and now they have a new solution. The new solution allows users to set up an ad-hoc network on their Mac through an app [Mac App Store link] and connect to that network from the iPhone. Then the user would log in to Tether’s HTML5-based website. Tether said that the patent pending technology works on 3G and it is data encrypted. No USB connection is required like the old iOS-app based solution. Tether’s new service costs $30 per year. Customers that order during launch week will only have to pay $15 for the year. [9to5Mac]