Texas Attorney General Demands To Know Google’s Formula For Setting Ad Rates

Posted Feb 16, 2011

The Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is demanding information from Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) about how the company determines advertising rates. Abbott is also wants documents that shows the manual overriding or altering of search result rankings.

Abbott is also seeking Google’s documents about the Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! search engines. And lastly the court wants to see complaints about purchasing and placing ads on Google. Abbott wants to find out whether Google’s business practices was thwarting competition. The investigation by the Texas Attorney General was not made publicly before, but the 13-page letter from July 29th from Texas assistant attorney general Kim Van Winkle was made available recently.

?While there?s always going to be room for improvement, we?re committed to competing fair and square,? stated Google spokesman Adam Kovacevich. ?We?re continuing to work with the Texas attorney general?s office to answer their questions and understand any concerns.?