Texas Jury Eliminates Michael Doyle’s Patent Claims On The Internet

Posted Feb 9, 2012

Michael Doyle, the founder of the patent-holding company called Eolas Technologies, is not getting his way in a lawsuit. An 8 member federal jury in East Texas has deliberated on Thursday a few hours before concluding that Eolas’ claims of ownership to technology allowing access to the web was invalid.

There was three trials that were scheduled to rule on infringement and damages by Eolas against Google, Yahoo!, and other companies. These trials are expected to be cancelled. The 8 defendant companies won’t have to pay anything to Eolas or their partner, the University of California for using the Internet.

Eolas believes that their patents entitle them to royalty payments from anyone running a website with interactive features like rotating photos or streaming video. The companies in the lawsuit was Google, YouTube, Yahoo!, Adobe, Amazon.com, CDW, JC Penney, and Staples