Text From Dog Gets A Book Deal

Posted Jul 24, 2012

Text From Dog is a Tumblr blog where a dog and a human talk through Apple iPhone text messages.  The website, created by October Jones, went viral earlier this year because of it’s funny posts.  The text messages between October and his dog often take place while October is at work.

The posts are heavily shared on Facebook and Twitter.  According to The Bookseller, Text From Dog has received a book deal after an auction.  Sarah Emsley, a deputy publishing direct, bought the book at an auction from Gordon Wise acting on behalf of Kristyn Keene at ICM Books in New York.

?October and Cooper have been brightening up our days for months and we could not be more thrilled to be working them. Buy your copy this autumn to see if it will be BATDOG or CATCAT who reigns supreme this Christmas.?  The book is expected to arrive on October 25th.